Shakespeare on the Deck Series 1

I’ve launched an exclusive series of Shakespeare productions that take place on the sundeck of the Everly Hotel. Part of the proceeds are donated to local organizations that do groundwork in our community.

The mission of Shakespeare on the Deck is to reintegrate the communal and rowdy atmosphere of 1605 Shakespeare in modern performance, while giving back to the community.

SERIES 1 (2018)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream


SERIES 2 (2019)

Twelfth Night with an all female cast

A Midsummer Night’s Dream with an all queer cast

Titus Andronicus with an all female cast

The cast of Macbeth (2018)

Some F*cking Advice

Excited to be part of The Second City's (Hollywood) new premium show Some F*cking Advice

Join us for some advice every Saturday @9:30pm thru December 16th.

A powerhouse cast of Queer, Gay, Bisexual, Asexual, Trans and Straight performers, are taking everything out of the bedroom and putting it all onto the stage! Second City Hollywood is setting out to explore the private lives of individuals as they question themselves, their relationships, and their fantasies, all leading to the point where they seek out Some F*cking Advice. Inspired in part by Sex & Love advice institutions, such as Dr Ruth, Loveline, and Savage Love. This original sketch comedy is performed by Paul Bianchi, Reed Brice, Camirin Farmer,  Alan Masa, Lauren Michaels, Mikey Mulhearn, April Showers and Libby Wahlmeier. Written by the cast and Tim Paul. Directed by Tim Paul. Assistant Director, Kathryn Hammond. Musical Direction by Hughie Stone Fish.



I love having the opportunity to play complex characters of the LGBTQ community in stories where their sexuality is normalized. When it's not about "being gay," but rather being human. 

Thanks to Diego Gudiel for the opportunity to play Neiman in your thesis and for writing characters such as the ones in your film.